Did you know that Germany is the third largest economy in the world? That Germany places in the Top 3 preferred locations for foreign students? Or that Germany is ever more popular as a travel destination? “Facts about Germany” invites you to get to know Germany. It offers exhaustive basic information and numerous points of orientation – designed specially for our foreign readers whose interest in contemporary Germany extends beyond coincidental data to be found in the daily flood of news items.

In 11 wide-ranging chapters, renowned authors focus on the major political, social and economic trends in Germany today. These keynote essays offer a well-structured review of the complexities of current German society and illustrate what models and solutions are being discussed in an age of economic and social change.


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Special emphases in the text and key words that are to be found in all chapters together form an ongoing index and thus an additional level of information. The “Facts – compact” pages offer discerning graphic documentation on the key facts and a timeline for the respective topic, along with any number of maps, illustrations and contem- porary documents. Cross-links in the body of the text as well as the extensive index at the back facilitate swift and systematic access to information. The expanded, compre- hensive range of online offerings round out the content in the printed version, providing in-depth and constantly up- dated information on Germany in numerous different lan- guages (www.facts-about-germany.de).

The publishers would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed ideas, insights and encour- agement and thus played a constructive part in making this issue of “Facts about Germany” a reality.

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