You must register with the Residents’ Registration Office within one week of your arrival in Germany, so that your new place of residence can be registered. The responsible person at your institute will give you the name and address of the relevant office for you. You will need the follow- ing to register at the Residents’ Registration Office:

your identity card / passport your visa (if you needed one to enter Germany) rental contract or proof of accommodation

You can obtain the registration form in person at the Residents’ Registra- tion Office or online on your town’s website. Your institute contact will provide information on the procedure in advance and if necessary go with you or handle these formalities on your behalf if equipped with a power of attorney. If your family comes with you to Germany, all mem- bers must be registered. For this you need the same documents (see above) for each member of your family, together with birth certificates and (for married couples) your marriage certificate (translated if neces- sary). After completing the application, you will receive your registration card from the Residents’ Registration Office.

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At the Residents’ Registration Office, you will also be given a tax identification number. Certain personal information such as your name, address, sex, date of birth and the relevant tax office is stored under this number.

If you change address during your time in Germany, you need to re-reg- ister with the Residents’ Registration Office. The procedure will then be familiar to you. Before you leave Germany for good, you need to go back to the Residents’ Registration Office to officially cancel your registration. Discuss this with your institute contact who can also do this for you if equipped with a power of attorney.

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