Please note that you are not allowed to take up any work at a Max Planck institute if you do not have one of the residence permits listed below or a national visa with an endorsement permitting you to work (see section 2.2.1. above). So you should leave enough time to apply for your residence permit prior to leaving home.

The following residence permits can be issued: ➜ § 7 AufenthG (Residence Act)

Residence permit which usually only entitles the holder to reside

in Germany but not to work there ➜ § 16 AufenthG (Residence Act)

Residence permit to attend university, a language course or school ➜ § 17 AufenthG (Residence Act)

Residence permit for an internship ➜ § 18 AufenthG (Residence Act)

Residence permit for (self-employed or dependent) employment

For scientists, foreigners with a recognised academic quali cation or for- eign scientists who plan to conduct a research project within Germany at a recognised research institution, there are special residence permits with more relaxed requirements for issuance and other advantages, such as permission for family reunion and family members’ employment. They may provide entitlement to parental bene t and child bene t.

These residence permits are:

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  • ➜  § 19 AufenthG (Residence Act)

    Settlement permit for scienti c, research and teaching elite who have outstanding professional skills and in whose residence
    in Germany there is a particular interest (such as MPI Directors)

  • ➜  § 19a AufenthG (Residence Act)
    EU Blue Card for foreign employees with an academic qualication

  • § 20 AufenthG (Residence Act)
    Residence permit for foreign researchers who plan to conduct a research project within Germany at a recognised research institution; also for doctoral candidates under certain circumstances

    Please note that the residence permits under § 19, 19a and 20 AufenthG (Residence Act) have additional requirements in some cases, such as a certain minimum income.

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