The major part of monthly living costs will probably be for your accom- modation. Rent prices vary greatly from region to region; rents in cities are generally higher, although Berlin is (still) an exception. In Munich, you will have to pay a price per square metre of at least 10 euros; the same applies to Frankfurt and Hamburg. Added to this are the additional costs that account for approximately 25% of the rent. In the eastern federal states and in some rural areas, however, you are lucky, as here the costs for accommodation are only about half as much.

The other living costs are comparable to other states, and food is even slightly cheaper. However, you will find the cost of local public transport and going out more expensive. Here again, the price range var- ies depending on the area where you live. Lunchtime menus in many restaurants are cheaper than in the evening, so a pizza can cost between six and 15 euros.

For cultural events, such as the theatre or cinema, it is always worth asking about special rates such as student discounts, family tickets or spe- cial days when it is cheaper. At some museums, entry is free on Sundays and at many cinemas there are ‘cinema days’ when special rates apply.

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