Are you coming to Germany with your partner and child or several chil- dren, and are still undecided whether you actually need childcare facili- ties? Whether or not you are looking for a certain type of surroundings, make use of daycare centres! Here your children will meet friends of the same age and you will get to know other parents without any hassle. In Germany, going to nursery school is voluntary. Children are admitted from the age of three; for younger children there are crèches which also have facilities for babies. Sometimes, however, there are long waiting lists for these, as there are for nurseries.

The nursery year usually begins in August or September; however, application needs to be made in the spring. Therefore, register your child/ children as early as possible, and find out about what is available where you live. If there are free places, many nurseries will also take children throughout the year. Nursery fees normally depend on your income and/ or on the length of time your child will spend there.

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