Nouns in use


Determiners and nouns

Determiners and nouns When used in sentences, nouns normally appear with determiners such as der, die, das etc. Depending on the function of the noun within the sentence the determiners can change. For example, the definite articles der, die, das and die for plural nouns are used when the noun is the subject of a sentence (nominative case). These articles change to dem, der, dem, den if the noun is the indirect object (dative case).

Changes affecting nouns

Note that nouns themselves normally change only (other than their plural forms) in the following instances:
• in the genitive case, where masculine and neuter nouns add -(e)s and
• in the dative plural where -n is usually added.

However, there are two groups of nouns whose endings do change: the so-called weak nouns and adjectival nouns.