Plural endings in the dative


Plurals in the dative case normally add the letter -n wherever this is possible.
Die Bäume sind grün. → Sie liegen unter den Bäumen.

The plural endings in -s stay the same: Mit so vielen Autos hatte niemand gerechnet ‘Nobody had reckoned with that many cars’.

Nouns used in the plural only

Note that some German nouns are used only in their plural form. They include: Eltern ‘parents’, Ferien ‘holidays’, Geschwister ‘brother(s) and sister(s)’, Lebensmittel ‘food’, Leute ‘people’, Möbel ‘furniture’.

Note that dictionaries also give information on plural nouns. You can usually find the plural ending or form of a noun after its gender and genitive case ending:

Vater m -s, ¨- father → die Väter
Baby nt -s, -s baby die Babys
Telefon nt -s, -e telephone die Telefone