Plural forms in German


In English most nouns form their plural by adding ‘-s’ to the singular form. In German, there are several ways of forming the plural. However, there are patterns and clues that might help you to predict the plural endings:
• there are five main types of plural endings (listed below)
• nouns tend to take certain endings according to their gender.

The five main plural forms – overview

Here is an overview of the five main and three related types of plural endings in German:

1 -e2 -er3 -(e)n4 -5 -s
der Tag das Bild die Frau der Wagender Park
die Tag-e die Bild-er die Frau-en die Wagen die Park-s
umlaut + -eumlaut + -er 
die Hand der Wald die Mutter
die Händ-e die Wäld-erdie Mütter