Verbs can have various prefixes


Note that many verbs in German can exist with various prefixes, such as the verb arbeiten:

aufarbeiten (sep.) to do up, to reappraise (the past)
ausarbeiten (sep.) to work out
bearbeiten (insep.) to deal with, to revise
einarbeiten (sep.) to get used to the work, to train
erarbeiten (insep.) to work for, to acquire
mitarbeiten (sep.) to cooperate
überarbeiten (insep.) to rework, to overwork
umarbeiten (sep.) to rewrite, to rework
zusammenarbeiten (sep.) to cooperate, to work together

Learning tip: Memorising a verb together with its separable and inseparable prefixes – preferably as part of a phrase or sentence – can help you to extend your vocabulary. If you are not sure whether a verb is separable, look it up in the dictionary. Separable verbs are usually indicated with the abbreviation sep.