Points to watch out for


When positioned before a noun, adjectives with -au or -eu (sauer, teuer) drop the -e before -r, while adjectives ending in -el (dunkel) drop the -e before the -l. Also note that hoch loses the letter -c:

Er fährt einen teuren Sportwagen.
He drives an expensive sports car.
Es war eine dunkle Nacht.
It was a dark night.
Sie sprang über den hohen Zaun.
She jumped over the high fence.

Colours ending in -a, such as lila ‘purple’, rosa ‘pink’, don’t take endings in standard German:

Er trägt ein rosa Hemd.
He wears a pink shirt.
Sie mag ihre lila Bluse.
She likes her purple blouse.

Adjectives constructed from names of towns end in -er and don’t change their forms:
Der Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof wurde gerade renoviert.
The Frankfurt railway station has just been renovated.