The verb is the first element

When forming a question of this type, the verb is placed in the initial position, followed by the subject:
Bist du aus Irland?
Are you from Ireland?
Arbeitet sie noch bei Siemens?
Does she still work at Siemens?

With two verbs

When there are two verbs in a yes/no-question, the finite verb – the verb which takes the personal ending – remains in the first position while the second verb moves to the end: Kann ich noch ein Bier haben?
Can I have another beer?
Hat er mit dem Rauchen aufgehört?
Has he stopped smoking?
Sind sie mit dem Flugzeug gekommen?
Did they come by plane?

Difference between German and English

In English, you often need a form of the verb ‘to do’ when forming yes/noquestions: ‘Does she still work for Siemens?’. In German, this type of structure does not exist. Yes/no-questions always start with the finite verb: Arbeitet sie noch bei Siemens?