Conjunctions and Clauses

Coordinating conjunctions

The most important coordinating conjunctions are: aber but denn because oder or sondern but (following a negative statement) und and Meaning and most common usage • aber is equivalent to the English ‘but’ and contrasts information from the first clause with the second clause: Wir wollten in München leben, aber das war uns zu teuer. We wanted to live in Munich but it was too expensive for us. • den... »

Conjunctions link clauses

Conjunctions such as und ‘and’, aber ‘but’, weil ‘because’ and während ‘while’, usually link clauses together. Here are a few examples: Clause 1                         Conjunction          Clause 2 Das ist Peter                    und                    er ist 30 Jahre alt. Maria kommt aus Bonn, aber                   sie lebt jetzt in Frankfurt. Ich bleibe zu Hause,        weil                  ... »