Prepositions + genitive

Here are a few sentences with the prepositions statt ‘instead of’, trotz ‘despite of’, während ‘during’ and wegen ‘because of’ which take the genitive case: Er antwortete statt seines Bruders. He answered instead of his brother. Trotz des schlechten Wetters sind sie spazieren gegangen. They went for a walk despite the bad weather. Er arbeitete während der Ferien. He worked during the holidays. Weg... »

Prepositions + accusative or dative

There is a group of prepositions which can either take the accusative or dative case. These prepositions are called Wechselpräpositionen in German (‘variable prepositions’). Guidelines for usage In general the following guidelines apply when deciding which case the Wechselpräpositionen or ‘variable prepositions’ require: • With the accusative The accusative case is used when a ‘variable prepositio... »

Prepositions + dative

Here is an overview of how prepositions + dative are most commonly used: • aus – ‘from’, ‘out of’: Sie kommt aus Nordfrankreich. She comes from northern France. Sie sieht aus dem Fenster. She looks out of the window • außer – ‘apart from’, ‘out of’ (order, control etc.): Außer einem Sandwich hatte er nichts gegessen. Apart from a sandwich, he had not eaten a thing. Der Fahrstuhl ist außer Betrieb.... »

Prepositions + accusative

Here is a summary of the most common usage of prepositions + accusative. Note that, depending on the context, prepositions can have more than one meaning. • bis – ‘until’, ‘by’: Das Geschäft ist bis vier geöffnet. The shop is open until four. Es muss bis nächsten Samstag fertig sein. It has to be finished by next Saturday. Note that bis is often used with another preposition like zu, which then de... »

What are prepositions?

Prepositions are words that define the relationship between different elements in a sentence. They usually appear before a noun and its article or other determiners and give information about: • directions: He is going to Frankfurt. • positions: The key is on the table. • time: The play starts at 8 pm. • manner: She came by car. • reasons: They went for a walk despite the weather Prepositions requ... »