Collins Learn German with Paul Noble

Collins Learn German with Paul Noble

Over the years, I have taught many, many people. Curiously, they have each had much the same story to tell regarding their previous experiences of language learning. As a result, these days, when I first start a teaching session, I ask my students to raise their hands if they have had any of the following experiences.

Raise your hand, I say:

  • If you studied a language for several years at school but came out unable to really say anything.
  • If you have ever bought a language course and given up around page thirty, somewhere around chapter two.
  • If you have ever felt more confused by a teacher’s explanation of the language than by the language itself.
  • If you have ever been amazed by just how closely grammar books resemble furniture assembly instructions.
  • If you have ever felt that you may in fact be more or less incapable of learning a foreign language.Invariably, all the students soon have at least one hand in the air – and they laugh. They laugh because for some reason our language-learning experiences tend to be very similar and, sadly, these similar experiences tend not to be very good ones.My own initial experiences of language learning were also uncannily similar to those described above. In fact, when I ask my students these questions, my own hand is the first to go up – and it stays up until we have gone through them all.

    However, these less than positive experiences have had an upside both for myself and for those individuals I have taught because they, along with a number of other factors, have helped inform and shape the method that will be used during this course.

    Using this method, you will learn how to communicate in German and how to formulate your own ideas and thoughts using German.

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