Demonstrative pronouns – dieser, der

Demonstrative pronouns refer to specific persons, things or ideas that usually have been mentioned before. There are two types of demonstrative pronouns which are quite similar in meaning: dieser, diese etc. and der, die etc.:

Siehst du die rote Jacke? → Meinst du diese/die?
Do you see the red jacket?→ Do you mean this one?

These pronouns have to agree in gender, number and case with the noun they replace. Here are all their forms:

dieser diese diesesdiese
Acc.den diedasdie
Dat.dem derdemdenen

Note that the adverbs hier ‘here’, da ‘here’/‘there’, dort ‘there’/‘over there’ are often added for clarification.

Möchten Sie diesen/den hier mitnehmen?
Would you like to take that one (here)?

Diese/die da hab ich noch nie gesehen.
These I have never seen before.

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